JustVera / Just Vera 10 days ago
Closing down The last tracks are being mastered and then the album 'More than anything' will be released on all major online platforms. Dozens of new JustVera tracks on the third and probably last album. The best ideas attract the best musicians. Most of my collabs grew into complete songs. Some however got stuck for one reason or another. I can think of a collab or two that would deserve to be on the upcoming album. Songs like for instance , or . Songs with great musicians like Jean Lui, Sotiris Petridis, Bill McCarthy, Jim Bryan, Alex Zulaika, Eric Spiering and ejay. But still lacking THE VOCALS. The best may be yet to come, but time's running out. Think JustVera. Think 'More than anything'...


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JeanLui   commented 10 days ago

Why does it sound like goodbye Just?

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JustVera   commented 10 days ago

It might be. It might not. The album will be an overview of 7 years of JustVera on Kompoz. Working with inspiring musicians with a mutual love for music. (You'll be featuring on at least five tracks, my friend:-).