Smdecat / Sean D 15 days ago
This song started out as just a trippy little guitar riff and turned into a full fledged trip into psychedelia! Just great performances across the board on this. Mike (Wire and Wood) with fantastic help on the lead vocals on the chorus and his BGV's just put it over the top. TomCorea with just the perfect subtle locked in beat and touch for this kind of song. I asked Mario if he could fill up a lot of the space with the bass and man he pulled it off...just perfect. Tim (Tried) just nails the middle solo with great melodic playing and also his rhythm guitar up the center is a perfect fit. Adn finally Jeff (Capsergomez..he's on Kompoz! but a friend of mine) with the Rhodes organ and also plays all those Gilmourish background lead fills that add a ton of ambience to the this tune. Loved working on this song and what a bunch of great performances from everyone involved. Hopefully we made this 6+ minute song interesting enough.


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