Bill58 / Bill Block 11 days ago
I haven't been on in a very long time (maybe a year?) due to health issues. It's been a rough year. My apologies to those I left hanging when I left. I'm hoping that chapter is behind me now but somehow I doubt it. Trying to jump back in the pool so I uploaded this rhythm guitar piece that I am hoping you can spruce up for me. 85 BPM Drum-less version uploaded.


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liljoe6string   commented 11 days ago

wow beautiful sounds! hope your hlth holds, glad yur back! You should have no problem getting folks on this one.

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Bill58   commented 10 days ago

Thanks so much J6. I can always count on you for encouragement. Hope your fur babies have been doing well.

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PolarBear   commented 10 days ago

Very rich & emotional .. thank you.

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Bill58   commented 9 days ago

Thanks Ken. You're one of my favorites and I missed you my friend. Glad you are still here

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PolarBear   commented 9 days ago

aw man, .. like-wise here .. I've downloaded many a tune of yours. I couldn't improve/add to them, .. but, love to listen to them, all the same.


xd238   commented 10 days ago

nice sounding guitar :) all of us here probably know someone with health issues, mine have contributed a lot to keeping me away since I was in the middle of a home studio move/build, and still am. I am not gonna say how many years, but you should feel fortunate its been just one year for you :}

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Bill58   commented 9 days ago

Yes, all in all I have a lot to be grateful for. My arthritis in my hands has gotten somewhat better which was what I thought would cause me to stop. Sometimes we just need to rest for things to come back to normal. Other times, that won't help.