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rockindrummer68 Mark Van Der Linden Taylorville IL USA Song Creator Void The Void LAWRENCE KS USA Lyrics/Vocals Treid Timothy Reid Osaka City Osaka Japan Lead Guitar Solos jrobbins Jon Robbins USA Drums michaelp51967 Michael P Clark Atlanta GA USA Bass Guitar MixAsylum David Jones Bridgwater United Kingdom Mixing/Mastering Just Another Number Lyrics By: Void Slap on the wrist, or slap in the face This whole thing is a fucking disgrace We'll strip your rights and base it all on a lie Then loot your cash and hang your ass out to dry Your rights defunct, we're above the law Falling deeper and deeper into my gaping maw Bagged and tagged, you belong to me Did you really think your country was free The rich get richer while you get fucked Too bad you can't afford any luck Theres better odds in tossing dice Canned and packed away, we'll keep you on ice Mass punishment is status quo And these are just the start of your woes The gulags were a fucking joke Compared to the weight of the American yoke My appetite devours your liberty whole Your face is just another number on my roll Systemic corruption without a chance for you in the end In the end My appetite consumes your liberty whole You're just another number on my roll My ways are cloaked in indemnity I'll torment you for eternity With no end


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