MarkFulwiderStudio / Mark Fulwider 12mo+4dy ago
Hey there! Anybody know what happened to Scott Villenuve? Posted up a music/melody idea for some of his lyrics and kompoz didn't tell the account was closed until AFTER I uploaded my idea! Hope he is ok! Just curious and wondered why kompoz doesn't specify songs by creator's whose accounts have been closed. Any thoughts from anyone?



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sriracha   commented 12mo+4dy ago

Closing the account doesn't remove any of the contributions or projects the person posted / created. I agree that it would be nice if there was some sort of indicator on projects started by a member who has left that made it clear. Luckily you can always re-use your work.

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MarkFulwiderStudio   commented 12mo+2dy ago

Yeah, no worries. Just kinda wondered what happened as he has quite a bit of stuff on here! Thanks for your thoughts my friend! Blessings!


Buttercup   commented 12mo+2dy ago

Last I heard was that his computer got hacked :(

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MarkFulwiderStudio   commented 12mo+2dy ago

Oh man! That would be a major bummer! Great to hear from you! Hope all is well with you and yours! Looks like your young lady is becoming quite the YouTube star huh?! Blessings!