Midipunk / Pete Midipunk 16 days ago
Kim and Stoman helped me through the newbie jitters, here's an old hidden one. Final mix is still up in the air:


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Midipunk   commented 16 days ago

I've lost fifty pounds and the cement walls & floors are properly finished. Facial hair all gray. An artifact for the elite musicians in my life.

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Redfish   commented 16 days ago

Great song .... the best bit for me is watching you totally moving to the groove and getting in the zone - cheers Pete

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JeanLui   commented 15 days ago

So how am I going to recognize you at the airport, Pete? LOL

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Teek   commented 15 days ago

Hi Pete . Yeah this must have been " Private " cause i hadn't seen it , the title would have caught my interest :-) Good video

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stoman   commented 15 days ago

Thanks for digging this one out, Pete! I forgot about this song. Will put it on my (long) list of songs to mix.