WillaWay / WillaWay Studio 30 days ago
We have been busy with this tune, trying to get it to the state of finished. I've been trying my hardest to mix and master but alas, I'm not that proficient in the fields. We agreed amongst ourselves that we should get some more ears on it and gather feedback from you all. If you have the time and desire, have a listen and let us know what you think and offer any advice that you might have. A big thank you in advance for any feedback!


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liljoe6string   commented 30 days ago

fun track ~~ mix ~ hum ~ i think the mix is pretty good with a couple of suggestions.. 1. the kick and snare volumes> kick a touch to hot > and the snare should be up close to the vox volume.. The snare being up will help drive the song.. Also by pulling that kick down a smidge the bass might be better heard.. If that does not help the bass value, the bass should come up a little.. My rec for a ballpark adjust. is snare up 2.5DB,, Kick down 2 DB Bass Gtr up 1DB I didnt look but if your dealing with a drum mix sep and not drum mic can get a new drum mix, or use an EQ to nip down the kick and sweet and raise the snare.. Lastly... I think the vox could bed better,, via a more crafted compression and def a honed in on better verb... JUST ideas cheers

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WillaWay   commented 30 days ago

Thanks, man. It's always good to hear others opinions on a project. I am dealing with a drum mix, so no seps. I might try to lay a whole new drum track. I'll have a listen to the vocals again. There was actually some back in forth on the bedding, and we ended up with them a bit more pronounced in this version. I'll also experiment with a few reverbs. All in all it comes down to mutual decision of all the collaborators on the project. So I'll bounce some of the ideas their way with some mix options. Thanks for taking time to listen and provided your thoughts!

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liljoe6string   commented 30 days ago

(((: I think the drums just need like a 32 band eq dropped on the drum sep mix track.. lower the 50-70 hz to chill the kick, add a little 150-250 to give the snare a little more juice, and 1500-4000 to brighten and sharpen the tone.. again slap it on and listen... see what works and what doesnt.. just some small adjustment could get that snare start kicking the butt it needs and you have the bass gtr track raise it a little after you get the drums where you want them.. Then vox time... their close... I like to use verbs that allow you to control the dry and wet i think the dry vox could be cut a the verb blends it better.. either way its a fun song and its close!! GL!! if you need another ear scan after adjustments im your huckleberry..


stajo   commented 29 days ago

Cool and nice song :) It might be a choice that was made but in my ears the vocals is somehow not sitting in the mix or how you say it in english ;). The background is a very nice mix. There is some widening put on the vocals that makes them even wider than the background, I would start from there... but as I said it is a cool song and maybe you wanted that kind of effect.