Bill58 / Bill Block 1mo+12dy ago
Anybody do their own luthier work? Here's my Taylor 714ce before and after I fixed it. Pic is same angle.


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minime   commented 1mo+12dy ago

This is great work Bill ! Mucho Respect for that ! I could not do that self ! Hat up !!!

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Bill58   commented 1mo+12dy ago

Thanks Minime. I never tried anything so drastic but it turned out nice. I thought about having a pro do it but by the time I would pay for the work, I could just buy a used one that wasn't damaged. I spent the most time getting it structurally perfect (inside lining and bracing) for sound consideration. I may redo the surface as it still shows imperfections. YouTube was a big help there.

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Redfish   commented 1mo+12dy ago

ahhhh now I understand

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liljoe6string   commented 1mo+10dy ago

looks like my work!