fresh727 / mika greiner 5yr+5mo ago
Wolf and Seven offering no apologies on this apocalyptic soundtrack that I did my best to find a melody throughout... From The Ashes


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KimNobleMusic   commented 5yr+5mo ago

Just fantastic, Mika and everyone else!!! A very intriguing track with all sorts of cool sounds in it!! :) A feast for the ears!! :) :)


Bradz69   commented 5yr+5mo ago

Very cool Mika et all! Hope your good pal.

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xvpusw   commented 5yr+5mo ago



sevenproject   commented 5yr+5mo ago

I found strange like to receive like for an old project and now i know why. all projects created in my account are rejected project, by my oldest blood brother. i like the results. my brother, paid this account and challenged me, to make accepted mixes here in various project. the thing I do, is the mix. Marc