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I had a previous post here about our Trilogy project, but now since Gemini, Nigel, has joined us with some fantastic music I am re posting our Help Wanted. This is a 3 part project, definitely on the darker side with lyrics and music. Lyrics by Mike, Tracy and myself. Music is all Nigel. IN SEARCH NOW FOR VOCALS... Lot's of lyric that can be sung or maybe rapped or even spoken. We are wide open for ideas, and are basically in the Prog Rock genre, but maybe not I will paste one part of the three part lyrics to give you an idea of the vibe, and you have this music track as a sample. To find out more please check out all the files. Thanks for checking this out. Lyrics by: Tom Keaton My frantic soul and racing heart Keeping time right from the start Beating forward and setting the pace While my soul continues to race Answers to questions hard to find **VS 1** Hiding in the corners of my mind Was I here before? What was my name? A real concept ? Or thoughts of the insane? But needed to find the truth **VS 2** While searching for real proof And wisdom that I hope to achieve If my mind allows me to proceed As my soul transcends through time **VS 3** Thoughts race through my mind Making my heart beat so quick As I chase thoughts before they slip Slip into the wasteland of space **VS 4** Leaving me with nothing to trace But only to wonder once again What’s goin on and how it all began Deep thoughts hard to conceive **VS 5** As if meant to only mislead But remain as constant as air For soul searchers who care Senses of sight and sound **VS 6** Deliver nothing very profound But searching the depths of the soul Can become a lifelong goal And if you ever feel left in the dark **VS 7** About frantic souls and racing hearts This search is one of personal choice And you can just ignore that inner voice The heart pumps out the beats of life **VS 8** Our soul marks our pleasures and strife Opinions formed comes from our mind Called knowledge developed over time Search the skies and study the stars **VS 9** Try to find answers wherever they are Pray for your frantic soul to find peace Or whatever may give you relief Searching the present and the past Never to rest, and moving so fast My frantic soul and racing heart Keeping time right from the start


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