MustaphaSnooze / Fred Jones 5yr+10mo ago
I have a good idea for raf. Not alot of people actually read the brief, I've had people make their contributions, and when I comment by something like "It's nice, but I really wanted.......", I then get replies like "I didn't know that, I wish you would have left word in the tracks comments",,,, well, that's what the brief is for, so, my idea would be to have the brief displayed under the 'Upload' button in any of a projects Files tab, that way it's shown as soon as the person clicks on a link shared in the community page or posted anywhere on the site. At the moment when someone shares a track a player and 'Details' is shown under the post, but clicking 'Details' opens that track, and no brief is displayed, thus newbies wouldn't know anything about the brief, sooo, by having it displayed under a tracks 'Upload' button, it can be clearly seen and contributors would know what's needed, without navigating to Workspace and back.


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