NicolaOffidani / Nicola Offidani 4yr+8mo ago
I wrote this music for Sha and she made this beautiful interpretation, The fake drum I used isn't correct for this style and we really need a real drummer that jump in :) There is already a dedicated track without drum.


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KimNobleMusic   commented 4yr+8mo ago

Just beautiful, you two!! You make quite a pair!! :) :) (or band---whatever it actually ends up being!) :) :)


Uygar   commented 4yr+8mo ago

If you wanna preserve the softness drums played with brush will be uber cool on this...

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NicolaOffidani   commented 4yr+8mo ago

I would like a real 6/8 drum with a snare shot at 4th bit with my guitar...

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liljoe6string   commented 4yr+8mo ago

ok just WOWZA!!! beeUtifL


artartart   commented 4yr+8mo ago

Nice track - if you can wait a little bit I'll submit a drum part for this - but studio out of action for a few more days due to building work - should be running normally after a week.