TARc / Why Share 4yr+8mo ago
Our collaboration "Syllables" is finished. I really enjoyed it and wanted to thank you guys for joining. I think we did a good job on this. Syllables is an experimental song featuring an inspirational Jeff Buckley interview. As Jeff talks about his music creating process, we create ours. And a little tune with random syllables becomes a beautiful song. ben0: Fiddle, Bongos, Shaker, Mixing Nobleartist: Keys, Organ, Djembe NicolaOffidani: Main Acoustic Guitar TARc: Vocals, Strummed Acoustic Guitar, Songwriting Hope you enjoy!


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Uygar   commented 4yr+8mo ago

Nice tune. Specially like the piano parts at the end. Jeff Buckley ftw!


TARc   commented 4yr+8mo ago

Thank you! Jeff Buckley rules!