AndrewB / Andrew Boucher 4yr+6mo ago
Hey Kompozers.Question if I have a master MP3 that is 44100 I need to make an mp3 192kbps version of. Is there a trick or or can I just put it in my DAW and render it to this?



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BrotherRat   commented 4yr+6mo ago

Andrew ... the BEST all purpose audio editor (and converter) is Audacity ... used by top studios and ... FREE!!! Get it - you will not regret it. Win/MAC/Linux It needs and additional plug in to do mp3 but they tell you where to get it for free.


AndrewB   commented 4yr+6mo ago

Thanks Ray & Drew, I already have Reaper Ray so gonna try that. I dont even know if I still have Audacity...i used to