Buttercup / Christine Linge 4yr+4mo ago
This is one of the first duets I ever sang on Kompoz & I still love it today! Singing a duet with Ray sends chills down my spine! - I remember the feeling when I recorded it, & it felt as though I was duetting with Willie Nelson, only better! ;-) Thanks Brother Rat. Hope we will have more duets together in future! :)


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Mack   commented 4yr+4mo ago

Really nice song you guys, perfect rythm :))


Mack   commented 4yr+4mo ago

Had to listen again :)


CrossEyedHenry   commented 4yr+4mo ago

Beautiful song Christine !! Vocals are amazing !! Thanks for sharing. Steve


Floodmusic   commented 4yr+4mo ago

Beautiful guys....

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KimNobleMusic   commented 4yr+4mo ago

Absolutely SUPERB in every way!! :)