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We need you in our next music video! Please submit a high quality short video clip or photo of you for our next music video! Read the blog to find out exactly what this is all about and what we need @ To kick off our new presence on and in support of our new single due out sometime next month we are inviting ALL FANS AND SUPPORTERS to participate in our new music video for our song ?Damned and Broken?. This is a really cool song with such a really positive message. It?s heavy, but has a great vibe and is very uplifting. Especially to those survivors we have out there? Do you suffer from and are fighting mental health issues? Are you fighting or living with a physical / mental illness? Did you overcome or are you forced to live with a physical / mental disability or injury? Do you know someone who is going through any of these things? Are there challenges that you?ve had to face and overcome in your life? How you are surviving, living, what makes you happy through the hardships? What makes you say, ?forget this, I?m going to live my life to its fullest and not let this hold me down!? Send us a high quality 5 to 10 second video clip or a photo of you, holding up a sign with your most positive message, words of wisdom, what you have survived or are recovering from in life written on it. Feel free to be creative with this: Some ideas for messages: ?I survived cancer? ?hope (on one hand) love (on the other hand)? ?rise to the challenge? Some ideas for where/how to write it: write on your hands, your face, your arms, draw the word in the sand with a stick, spray paint it or write it on your shirt, say it with sign language (just let us know what you?re saying). Slow-motion shots are cool too? maybe dance a little bit if you like... See you in our next music video! Wes & Adam


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