ianosborne / Ian Osborne 4yr+1mo ago
Being of a certain age, I miss LP record sleeves. I loved reading credits, lyrics, looking at pictures while the record spun around the turntable. It was bad enough when CD covers diminished the art form and advancing years meant scrabbling for glasses and still squinting to read infinitesimal small type face, but now with downloads you don't even get that. So, with my album completed (thank you so much Kompoz for introducing me to musicians who have made it sound so much better than I ever though could happen) I've had a thought. An online album sleeve! All the stuff we used to get on 12 inch square cardboard to tuck under our arms on the interwebby thing and perfect for tablets etc while listening to the album.... https://spark.adobe.com/page/ZdzNy/ If you want the album although official release is next Thursday its already up on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes etc. (Search Ian Francis Os Borne) And as a special thank you to Kompoz.. Free download on www.ianfrancisosborne.bandcamp.com - just put zero in name your price box Xxx


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offthewall   commented 4yr+1mo ago

This is an excellent cover format, Ian. Having some experience in graphics I have done a number of album covers for various people, as well as myself, and usually include a downloadable PDF brochure. What you have here really is taking it a step further. Great work, my man, and congrats on getting the album finished.


ianosborne   commented 4yr+1mo ago

And thank you James for being a part of it and adding so much (and sometimes in just a little run of notes! ) I feel blessed

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sriracha   commented 4yr+1mo ago

Yeah - I agree totally - I love reading the liner notes when they are available. We did a digital booklet for your album with the credits, tidbits and lyrics for stuff. As we distributed through DistroKid, we couldn't include that sadly but we have it available on our band website for free.


Iblue   commented 4yr+1mo ago