LiamTolva / Liam Tolva 3yr+1mo ago
Some may not agree but I think this is the best song that crazymadhouse, mack and bkwilliamson have ever done. This is truly awesome guys, nice one!


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crazymadhouse   commented 3yr+1mo ago

Cheers bruv, its one of my favourites too!

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ragin9rfan   commented 3yr+1mo ago

Pretty tune gents...

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RGBass   commented 3yr+1mo ago

one of the best pieces I've heard at Kpoz! fantastic work guys

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Buttercup   commented 3yr+1mo ago

Agree! It really is awesome! :)


Mack   commented 3yr+1mo ago

Like it too :)


ARA9   commented 3yr+1mo ago

Well done all!