Lenmack100 / David Martin 4yr+1mo ago
Can anybody who does folk, country or rock just go to you tube, type in Lenmack100/Fathers Day and see if you d like to work on The Oklahoma City song with me---there is potential o use this as a bumper song.



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offthewall   commented 4yr+1mo ago

Hi David, I've taken a listen to these songs and am interested however I would like an explanation of: "I currently have 6 songs completely finished-& of which I completely own the copyright to. I don t however own the mechanical rights --I m happy to write more songs--but these are 6 I d like to get out for sale -if someone would like to do a cover of them--they re good--really." Are you saying that you wrote the lyrics but someone else has composed the music and is singing them? Why are you not going with this musician? He seems to have done a fine job. Are you looking for someone to copy this other singer's version or to do a full new version? If it is a copy you want, does that present it's own copyright issues with the composer?


Lenmack100   commented 4yr+1mo ago

Yes, he s somewhat of a folk legend. I wrote the lyrics but bought the copyright for the music from him--hence I ownthe copyright for the entire song. What I don t own is the mechanical rights for him performing it / He loves the song but is currently recording an album of his own and say his record company would frown on him putting a collaboration song out right now (though he may in the future)/So yes--I m simply looking for someone who would like to do an exact cover.