ChamberZ / Nate F 4yr+1mo ago
So I've been away from Kompoz for a while...really trying to acquire some basic guitar skills, this is the first song I felt comfortable doing...have to start somewhere....


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dazzos   commented 4 years ago

Wow! Fantastic Nate!!! You've gone way beyond basic there, my friend. Great playing!

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Buttercup   commented 4 years ago

Yes, I was thinking the same thing! Way beyond the basics! Impressive singing too! :)


JohnnyLiar   commented 4 years ago

Hell yeah! You've got chops kid:) Great rhythm and tone. Super vocal performance as always


ChamberZ   commented 4 years ago

Well I've always had a guitar laying around, just never put much effort into it. I figure there are a lot more things on here I could hop on if I can strum a few chords.....