stoman / Steffen O 3yr+1mo ago
Can we get yet another category on the community page where ONLY videos are posted? That way we could keep the "General " area free from those many, many, many unrelated YouTube videos posts. Just asking ... I know there are many people like me, who just scroll past those videos as they have nothing to do with Kompoz.


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sriracha   commented 3yr+1mo ago

There is a category and it should be used when people create posts - and that allows the filtering. But there's nothing enforcing it, and in fact I think I forgot to tag my recent vid post. Probably would be a good thing to autoselect the video tag from the dropdown when you click the youtube link button.

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xterrabill   commented 3yr+1mo ago

I agree with you, an added button that hides vids would be nice. I often have said if you need to post multiple vids (or multiple what-ever's) to just link them inside the original post to show at least a little courtesy to the other posters so not to push the page too fast. I am still curbing my video posts to maybe one every 2 weeks or longer and have been for a year now. a firm believer of treating other as you would like to be treated.

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RickyD   commented 3yr+1mo ago

I'm with you on this.

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Moosemind1   commented 3yr+1mo ago

so many video haters lol