maurohm / Mauro Martins 3yr+2mo ago
Hi guys! I just uploaded my new song. I need vocal and lyric. I made the mix and would be great to receive some feedback. I hope you enjoy! Mauro


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liljoe6string   commented 3yr+2mo ago

its a solid good song... mix could use some stereo spread its all sittin pretty center.. but i like it.. might reach out to George hes great.. on a tune like this his vox would shine... I like the solo.. but if your wanting a more expressive solo.. and want ideas/options post a solo-less version PM me and i will drop an idea for ya... to ck out.. U will hav no problem getting lyrics.. Link to George... send him a PM tell j6 sent ya...


maurohm   commented 3yr+2mo ago

J6 thank you very much! I would love if you could send some ideas. I was very proud about my solo but I'm not a guitarist I just know play some notes. How I can find George? What is the nickname?

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LiamB   commented 3yr+2mo ago

I likes it. Cool as

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liljoe6string   commented 3yr+2mo ago

sry didnt post a link... grabbed it never pasted it.. ??