blaze345 / Bill McCarthy 2yr+11mo ago
Kompoz friends...please welcome Bass41HzAndAbove to the musical community. This cat is a serious bass player and, like the rest of us, he loves to make good music.


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RickyD   commented 2yr+11mo ago

Welcome! Anyone from Detroit can't be all bad. Well, they can but I'm holding out hope for you. I am originally from Midland.

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KimNobleMusic   commented 2yr+11mo ago

HUGE Welcome, Jeff!! I an "all about that bass" girl, so I'm very very happy you're hanging in K-town now!! :) Cheers to some really great projects!! :) I'm originally from Iowa... we know about you "hand" peeps!! :)


JeanLBass   commented 2yr+11mo ago


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sriracha   commented 2yr+11mo ago

Hi Jeff and welcome!

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liljoe6string   commented 2yr+11mo ago

GREAT!! thnks Blaze345 for supporting a noobie.. look for to ckin him out..

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Buttercup   commented 2yr+11mo ago

Welcome Jeff! Looking forward to hearing that double bass! :-)