Buttercup / Christine Linge 2yr+6mo ago
Merry Christmas!!! Xx


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kman   commented 2yr+6mo ago


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sloppy   commented 2yr+6mo ago

Happy Christmas to you Christine!


Al1verJ   commented 2yr+6mo ago

Happy holidays Christine :)) I'll write to you soon about the duet Buon Natale !!

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BrotherRat   commented 2yr+6mo ago

Oh .. Christine .. it was so nice of your whole family to get together and make this video of themselves singing! (LOL) and Merry Christmas to you and fam!

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RickyD   commented 2yr+6mo ago

A perfect video for Kompoz. Everyone working together on a tune... Merry Christmas, y'all.


FBP123   commented 2yr+6mo ago

Merry Christmas, Christine!