viktordrummer / Viktor Sandorfi 2yr+9mo ago
Dear Kompoz/Raf, I am still patient (since middle of january). I sent a second monthly auto-payment in this year (february) and I'm still not a PLUS member. There was no answer via kompoz.freshdesk, kompoz private message and fb messenger PM from Raf, or from any Kompoz customer service member. My kompozer friends are uploading my wav files to Kompoz if i send them a dropbox link. In this case I don't even need to be a PLUS member. I mean it's not about 5+5 USD but is there any customer sevice? I hope you're OK and there is no trouble but I will stop my auto payments for nothing if there is no answer in this week. Kompoz has a great community and I really feel myself as a part of it even I'm a newbie. Kompoz is a very good tool and it's also inspiring. I have great friends here already. But please. Somebody answer. Thanks in advance, Vik


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DocDaFunk   commented 2yr+9mo ago

I feel for u brother , usually a public post helps


DebWattes   commented 2yr+9mo ago

Come on Raf... where's the service

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rhythmicdevil   commented 2yr+9mo ago

Post his name as raf as well.


Teek   commented 2yr+9mo ago

Hey , raf #raf

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liljoe6string   commented 2yr+9mo ago

Send another PM to RAF and cc Gcat


Brannon   commented 2yr+9mo ago

I would text first (305) 439-2938

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gcat   commented 2yr+9mo ago

I'm on it.