MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 2yr+5mo ago
===New Member Alert=== Let's give a big welcome to new member MATYJOY3 . . . and what better welcome is there than adding instruments to a cool vocal and guitar track? :)


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RickyD   commented 2yr+5mo ago

I trust that you posted an invite, yes?

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MikeJM   commented 2yr+5mo ago

Yeah - I'm just trying to promote a new member, and she said she wanted instrumental adds, so go for it! :)


Parmia   commented 2yr+5mo ago

Your song and voice are beautiful !!! Welcome to Kompoz, your'e gonna have a blast! :)))


PositiveFuturist   commented 2yr+5mo ago

Fabulous! Welcome!


RickvanMeijel   commented 2yr+5mo ago

Great song and voice! And welcome to Kompoz :D