AndreaSpace / Andrea Spaziale 12 days ago


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EmmaPeel   commented 12 days ago

andrea i love your drums and you're adorable to look at. uh -- the song -- uh -- not for me.

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RyanLucas   commented 12 days ago


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RickyD   commented 12 days ago

I'm tired after just hearing you drum on this!

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GeorgeSC   commented 12 days ago

You think you're tired ? Try playing bass to that kick drum : ) She is awesome !!

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fresh727   commented 11 days ago

I'm certain it would be a real joy to play live with you, Andrea! This was a fun one to put together with everyone involved! Thanks for bringing it out of the archives!

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AndreaSpace   commented 11 days ago

This vocals part i was surprised and always amazes me because it's perfect [almost :D]