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Conected Patricia Kigilcim - Lyrics Mike Patterson - Vocals - Electric Guitar Solo(s) Mini - Electric Guitars - Electric Bass - Drums - Mix


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DocDaFunk   commented 3mo+3dy ago

SWEET sweet song!

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minime   commented 3mo+3dy ago

Thank you " Herr Doktor " !!!

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DocDaFunk   commented 3mo+3dy ago


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Wire-and-Wood   commented 3mo+3dy ago

yes, thanks! very fun song to do


PKigilcimlyricist   commented 3mo+3dy ago

A Joy to be a part of Thankyou :)

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fresh727   commented 3mo+3dy ago

"Irresistible attraction" is exactly how I would describe this song! Nice work folks!

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minime   commented 3mo+2dy ago

Thank you Mika !

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Buttercup   commented 3mo+2dy ago

Brilliant song! My ears feel connected to Mike's fantastic voice! I just can't get enough of listening to him!