liljoe6string / Joey six 11mo+16dy ago
In continuing the BrotherRAT /RAY RAY/RAYD tribute tour~ Here is one of my ALL time fav kolabs * Ray is an all round fantastic musician.. plays gtr keys sings(like a guitar) mixes great and constructs some of the most wonderful pieces of music. + A great guy I was out of my league on this one but i loved every minute of working on it. Humbled that he likes my playing/ Hes a mentor to me.


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liljoe6string   commented 11mo+16dy ago

ps > Ian the fret, aka the Kracken,.. is playing bass on this.. he was truly a musical force of nature!

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NicolaOffidani   commented 11mo+15dy ago

Beautiful song!

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liljoe6string   commented 11mo+15dy ago