Nadir / Luis Galvez 6mo+10dy ago
Question for metal bass players: Should I try to tune my jazz bass to drop C? It works ok in drop D but I don't know if I need a 5-strings for a lower tunning, it has daddario 50-105 strings and an A-style bridge. Can it damage the truss rod?



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sriracha   commented 6mo+10dy ago

I'm sure that you would need to adjust the intonation, but other than that as long as you have strings that are sitting like spaghetti on the fretboard, give it a go. I think Spydah tunes his down even lower...

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Nadir   commented 6mo+10dy ago

I see, do you think it's a bad idea if I play on drop D and then change the pitch two semitones?

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sriracha   commented 6mo+9dy ago

Well, if you are going to make any sort of a change like for more than just a short period of time (like the time it take to work on a tune), you should get the bass setup by someone who knows what they are doing to avoid any issues. I have a handful of extended range guitars and a 5 string bass and where I've decided to drop them down, I have brought them in to be setup for it. Your luthier should be able to tell you right out if you are going to be looking at any damage to things.

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Nadir   commented 6mo+9dy ago

Thank you man, it's just for a short time but I think I'll go with the luthier.