jubal / Jeff Cozine 5mo+23dy ago
WOW!!!...when these guys grab hold of a ragged guitar/vocal track (all I'm capable of) a song goes to another (and much better) place...alyo, PilotProject, NicolaOffidani, offthewall and kman whipped this song into shape in less than 3 days!...hope y'all like it...Rock On Ktown : )


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liljoe6string   commented 5mo+23dy ago

great track!!

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jubal   commented 5mo+23dy ago

thanks for the encouragement liljoe

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stoman   commented 5mo+22dy ago


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GELECTRIC   commented 5mo+22dy ago

sounds great all

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jubal   commented 5mo+22dy ago

Thanks Don and Steffen...Rock On : )