BrotherRat / Ray Kaliss 1yr+8mo ago
Lovin All (dedicated to Raul and Mark) Love all your brothers, love all your sisters, it's time, we learn to love all. "I wrote (Lovin All ) and am dedicating it to Raul (Figsounds)and Mark Miller. They have both lost loved ones. The hidden message in this song is also about World Peace, Harmony, Unity, Respect and Love throughout all of our Nations." - Reggie Concept / Piano / Synth ReggieB - Reggie Bouffard Drum Set 1 markmiller - Mark Miller Drum Set 2 dwfreak - Chris Bouchard Guitar / First Solo NicolaOffidani - Nicola Offidani Bass RGBass - Rob Glass Vancouver BC Canada Guitar / Second Solo jchalp - Jeff Chalpan Vocal Harmony Buttercup - Christine Linge Percussion FIGSOUNDS - Raul R Vocal Harmony / Audio BrotherRat - Ray Kaliss


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FIGSOUNDS   commented 1yr+8mo ago

Reggie,thanks so much for this dedication.I'm truly blessed and honored ! Mark, I'm truly sorry for your loss, I know it's so difficult to have to go through a loss of a loved one. Thanks to all who participated in this project. I consider you all dear friends. May God keep you healthy, creative and happy!!!