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So as my 11 year-old daughter soaks up all my musical energy, I've become a bit of a specialist in something I don't see discussed here much: *I'm using ReVoice Pro to match the timing of studio vocals to music videos for near perfect voiceover timing* So to explain: 1-ReVoice Pro is the new VocAlign, and unlike Melodyne, automatically rather than manually matches the timing of audio files 2-We record cover songs in the studio to post on instagram 3-We film music videos. She wears small bluetooth buds and *sings* (not lip syncs) to the studio mix while she acts out her part. Need quiet environment, and timing and song energy must be there; ok if pitch off. 4-I strip the video audio from the video in my DAW and use it as the guide track in ReVoice Pro 5-I export a composite dry studio vocal track (or tracks if stacked harmonies) as the dub track/s in ReVoice Pro 6-By working in sections (better than all at once) I match the time of the studio vocal to the video. Initially I was thinking the opposite, but you'd have to compress/stretch actual video for this, which ReVoice Pro doesn't do and even if I had software that could it might look weird. 7-Export time matched studio vocal back into studio mix. Tried sync tones on video...oddly wasn't quite right. I just manually adjust timing of this to match unmodified studio vocal. I amplify waveform blebs, zoom in, and nudge time matched studio vocal track left/right till matches well, then test with instrumental 8-OK, here is the key step. Export mix with time matched studio vocal *and* time matched studio vocal sep into separate DAW project which has video. *Make sure both tracks will drop into video time aligned - I do this by dragging left portion of both clips to time zero prior to export**. Get time matched studio vocal track and video audio track in adjacent lanes, and match timing as above (these should now have perfect timing match). Now nudge studio mix with time matched vocal in exact same manner as sep, zooming in to check and such. 9-Export video with studio mix as audio, which should have vocal properly timed with video both macropscopically and microscopically (thanks to ReVoice Pro) So I know I'm a bit wordy and my methods could be faulted for matching waveforms visually rather than having working sync tones and nudging tracks more quantitatively, but I thought this was worth sharing. For reference, I use Cakewalk X3 producer as my DAW. For those interested in promoting music, my daughter is growing at crazy pace on instagram with these videos. They were first iphone singing, then acting in video with studio mix without lip syncing, and now with voice over videos with perfect timing. The voice over videos are very popular, so I'll be busy doing this for the foreseeable future :-). And of course I have to share some examples. Check out her profile and how she's grown in followers, growth pace, and like to follower ratio...@alexistrinity22 ***please drop a like or a comment at instagram esp if you've found this post helpful :-)***


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