bouchard / Brian Bouchard 2yr+2mo ago
So, I need ya'll help... I'm doing an on the job training program for a Sound Engineering job. One of my requirements is to mix a song every day, and have it graded by the current engineers. I'd really like to combine my love of this site with my training, and I'd love to mix your songs. I've been browsing the projects, but unfortunately most of them have bounced down mixes with no Seps. If you have a project that you'd like mixed, (that has seps for your individual instruments) please invite me, I'd really like the practice. Thanks everyone


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ReggieB   commented 2yr+2mo ago

I have a tune,Let me get it ready and I'll invite you


bouchard   commented 2yr+2mo ago

Yeah man, just let me know

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offthewall   commented 2yr+2mo ago

If you want something a little different ... all acoustic ... try this: all seps are up with click/sync.