dwfreak / Chris Bouchard 5mo+19dy ago
Just found this one on You Tube, great memories from last summer of a show we did here in Montréal with crowded house. Video is pretty shaky but sounds pretty good. This was the opening song with recorded intro from a horror picture that I forgot the name. Time fly ;-) Enjoy...


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Hines57   commented 5mo+18dy ago

Damn!! You're a badass rockstar and I just play upstairs in my pajamas...maybe I shouldn't say that..well wait a minute...I record with a badass rockstar from time to that makes me a semibadass pajama jammer!! Hey, send me a full blown badass drum spectacular for CHRISTOPIA!:)

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dwfreak   commented 5mo+17dy ago

You like my hat, paid $150.00 for the dawn thing ;-)