paranoia / Tsvetomir Ivanov 5mo+17dy ago
So I will probably have to record all of this all over again but I wanted to try this pedal that came highly recommended. Its all recorded with Behringer VT999 Vintage Tube Monster which is something between Overdrive and Distortion or a little bit of both I guess with an actual tube in it. Its a Bugera tube and the guy that actually recommended the pedal had it replaced with a 50 year old Phillips right away. Left guitar is mid scooped with a Messa cab IR and the right is mid boosted with Orange cab IR. The pedal has an integrated Noise Gate that messed up my clean Verses. Its all raw and unmixed so the pedal can be heard. I wanna know what you folks think. Is it a steal for 45 Euro and is it worthit moding with a tube that costs as much as the pedal. Electronics seems to work nicely. The Treble knob is a bit unresponsive but otherwise all is fine. And lemme know what you think about the Work in Progress. Cheers!


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RickyD   commented 5mo+17dy ago

Yes, to all of the questions and when you are done, send it to me.