Astronut / The Astronut 2mo+13dy ago
I just saw an ad from SlateDigital advertising they have a subscription plan to access all of their plugins, presets, and tutorials for $14.99/month. I dislike subscriptions, but someone else might take advantage of this.


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sriracha   commented 2mo+13dy ago

I feel the same about subscriptions but bit on this one after Cory Frey got me hooked on the plugs. I think I've been doing this for a year and I'm really happy with the products. What I also like is if you drop the sub, then say a year from now want to load up a mix that has their plugins, you can buy a one month subscription and everything will update and "just work". I wish I had the need for and the cash for the vintage mix emulation package, but I can't justify it. They did offer is at 60% off for the last sale...still a lot of cash.

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nemonty   commented 2mo+12dy ago

For me the VerbSuite is the shining star out of all of the plugins.


UnderGunnedProductions   commented 2mo+10dy ago

The Slate everything bundle is the bomb! They just added the Eiosis Air Eq to the bundle a few weeks ago also. My favorite is the Tape Saturation emulation plug, Its like Franks red hort sauce, I put that shit on everything. You could work strictly with this bundle and never need another plug in ever but that would get a bit boring after a while.