xterrabill / Bill beamba fictitous 5mo+22dy ago
I just realized why Doc has been missing


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xd238   commented 5mo+21dy ago

i miss edna


DocDaFunk   commented 5mo+21dy ago

U should enjoy it while it lasts I'm comin' back baybee!

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xterrabill   commented 5mo+21dy ago

I was thinkin that about 2 days ago. enjoying your time away?......we are. :)) seriously tho, hope you'll be back soon brotha, its been awfully quiet around here, almost funk-less.

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xd238   commented 5mo+20dy ago

i miss edna

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xterrabill   commented 5mo+20dy ago

and the gig bag radio show, kompoz contests, catfish smith, alice leonz, just to mention a few. :( when I first joined this site I really thought it would continue to develop, it was exciting, it is still the best but I seen so much potential for more fun stuff, then again it's all about music in the end and it continues to be so. and edna.