Floodmusic / Trevor Kenward 6mo+8dy ago
This is a track I remixed from a few years ago before Logic back in my Cubase days. I had to rebuild the song from audio files I had archived. The only file I couldn't locate was the original sax solo so I reached out to Miguel on Kompoz and he came up with the perfect part. The solo is only a few bars long and leads into my short guitar solo. I would like to thank Miguel who was very helpful and easy to work with. I hope you enjoy the track including the sax part. Flood


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MikiBella   commented 6mo+8dy ago

A pleasure to collaborate with you. Great theme Miguel.

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FidlerSongs   commented 6mo+8dy ago

Very nice Trev! You are right ... Miquel is very kind and very talented and you are too !:)

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MikiBella   commented 6mo+8dy ago

: $ (flushed emoji ;)


Floodmusic   commented 6mo+7dy ago

Thanks Susan