JenCarie / Jennifer Carie 6mo+16dy ago
THUMPING THURSDAY!!! I don't have any hardcore rock songs (YET!) lol. But Chris dwfreak is so awesome and his drums are so incredible in this song! He's just the bees knees! bass4low is also incredible!! :)


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Midipunk   commented 6mo+16dy ago

Please pardon my caps lock but ALWAYS BET ON THE FREAK!!! I hate to drop names but he's one of the nicest drummers you'll meet. For the record I haven't met an un-nice drummer here but the one I joked looks like a cop beats me out of a ton of spots haha.

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JenCarie   commented 6mo+16dy ago

Was it you that had that drumming song idea? Whatever that is, it will be amazing!! Get you, Chris, and Alex. And tons others to showcase here on ktown. Epic! I can't freaking wait! XD


JeanToudou   commented 6mo+16dy ago

Chris forewer!!!The drums-star!!