GeorgeSC / George Schiessl 2mo+17dy ago
An old band mate of mine turned me on to this video of my old band. I still have that fretless bass and the shirt : )))


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DocDaFunk   commented 2mo+17dy ago


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Buttercup   commented 2mo+17dy ago

That's so cool to see! You had a great band!


LooknGlass   commented 2mo+17dy ago

That was awesome George, and well done video!

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WalterPaulOwen   commented 2mo+17dy ago

Tight !

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Hines57   commented 2mo+17dy ago

You guys were bustin' it! What a great live band!:) You were Mod Squad ready dude:)

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xterrabill   commented 2mo+17dy ago

tight as a tick on a dawg, killer playin from the G-man! so cool to see ya, your personality shows in your stage presents, singer has that Chicago vibe, so does the tune, what blast to watch, great post and band!

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BrotherRat   commented 2mo+17dy ago

Absolutely .. fantastic!

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sriracha   commented 2mo+17dy ago


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ben0   commented 2mo+17dy ago

George - looking good!

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Wire-and-Wood   commented 2mo+16dy ago

That is cool!

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liljoe6string   commented 2mo+16dy ago