offthewall / James Fraser 12 days ago
Another traditional song from newcomer Kris Pride. Man, this girl has some work ethic! This whole trans-atlantic project has been completed in 3 days, music and video. Another reason to LOVE Kompoz.


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jannik   commented 12 days ago

Very nice rendition of the tune! :) I only ever heard the Outlander versions before this..

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offthewall   commented 12 days ago

Thank you sir. Song itself dates back to 1870-ish. There are so many great songs out there 'from the tradition'.

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jannik   commented 12 days ago

I actually thought it was older ~mid 1700 or so as it mentions the battle of Culloden, but I see that you're right. I like traditional songs! Maybe it's because that the melodies were constructed so that they did not necessarily need accompanying but hold their own together with the lyrics. No need for fancy arrangements and processing that we have access to today! ;)

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JenCarie   commented 11 days ago

Me, too!! I have the outlander version on my repeat list. This is really great Kris and James! Just love it so much. <3 I'd love to hear more and more of these historic tunes. They are so powerful and have an eloquence to them.


Calderon   commented 12 days ago

Awesome! Great job.

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sreggeegg   commented 12 days ago

Beautiful Tune and great Video !!!

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Hines57   commented 11 days ago

Fantastic James and Kris!! Enjoyed the music and the video. Would be great to SEE more Kompoz artists playing in a similar format:) Love the James Fraser band!

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GELECTRIC   commented 11 days ago

Great Job James and Kris...liked it +

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RickyD   commented 11 days ago

Be careful what you wish for. Doc and Bill videos? REALLY!?

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Hines57   commented 11 days ago to be careful not to unleash the Kraken I suppose, but would still be nice to see the normal folks play:)

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joel_sattlersongs   commented 11 days ago


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offthewall   commented 11 days ago

Appreciate all your comments, K-towners. Thanks.