stoman / Steffen O 1yr+2mo ago
Sad news about Mykk. I knew he had health problems, but I was hoping it was something temporary. I remember him saying that he was looking forward to being back as soon as possible. I miss a ton here, as I usually don't have the time to read the community posts, but I always feel like a family member is gone when things like this happen. Too many have gone already ...


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KimNobleMusic   commented 1yr+2mo ago

This is so INCREDIBLY INCREDIBLY SAD!! :( I read about this last night and it took me some time to process it!! I didn't know him well; we had only collaborated on one or two songs but like others, his death is a sad shock to me! I *think* I saw that post to which you're referring and gleaned the same thing you did--that he was looking forward to coming back--which makes it that much more sad. The encouragements to be kind to peeps because a person never knows what's going on behind the keyboard is always so important--a perfect example here! WARM HUGS to Mykk and his close family and friends who deserve the best of everything during these sad hours!!