JenCarie / Jennifer Carie 1 year ago
I'm just loving these young new artist!! The incredibly talented sweetie (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! ;) and Kevin's daughter Alyse!! Both HUGE talents!! :) Just want to give a big welcome to the new Texas bunch that came in and filled a spot of good lovin' right when I needed it! Welcome Brent Brent Barnard Kpippin Kevin Pippin and to your daughter Alyse!!


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Shadow63   commented 1 year ago

Very Nice!


Brent   commented 1 year ago

That's sweet Jen, thank you!

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FidlerSongs   commented 1 year ago

Just beautiful!:)

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kman   commented 1 year ago



Kpippin   commented 1 year ago

Appreciate the welcome. Looking forward to making some nice music with everyone. My daughter, Katelyn Alyse Pippin is 14 and plays guitar, keys, and sings lead and harmonies. My son Kody is 9 and already has two years experience drumming twice a week with our church band. My wife Rebecca is the lead singer of that group. Brent is a long time friend I met when I was 16. We have played many places together through the years. Thanks again for the welcome.

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Hines57   commented 1 year ago

Man oh Man:)) As ever, I am constantly amazed by the talent that shows up here!! Welcome to the Pippin clan!!