ipft / Ian T 3mo+25dy ago
'Please Don't Go' Lyrics EmptyGlass and iPFT; Bass GeorgeSC; Drums, Piano, Acoustic Guitars and Engineer Bluemeanie72; Mastering PMTStudio; Vocals, Synth, Sitar and Guitars iPFT Finally completed this tribute for EmptyGlass (Paul Wakefield) which was one of the first tracks I started with on here. Rest in Peace Paul


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liljoe6string   commented 3mo+25dy ago

wow wht a great track!! Paul was so hard on himself and he was incredible! He is missed..

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ipft   commented 3mo+25dy ago

Thanks Joe, totally agree. I only knew him for a few months and quickly learnt what a character he was. I suppose that was what I liked about him as well as his creativity and an ear for a great tune.

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GeorgeSC   commented 3mo+25dy ago

Great tribute : ))

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FidlerSongs   commented 3mo+25dy ago

Fantastic track, Paul would be so honored by this. Miss him very much:(

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TheCadd   commented 3mo+24dy ago

Did not know Paul but I'm sure he will be beaming with this tribute to him, you all did him proud. A great song. :)

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ipft   commented 3mo+24dy ago

Thanks everyone for taking time out to listen and comment ;-)