JustVera / Just Vera 11mo+16dy ago
My Steinway Grand and Kari DeNeal. And brilliant lyrics by Tez Katajala. That's all it takes. Sometimes miracles just happen. Pure Magic. Sheer Beauty. I rest my case. 'Descendant' I can't help who I am I am a descendant I can't show who I am I'm lost in the dissonance I'd like to rise above the noise But I'm stuck in the present I'd like to fly away But I've been grounded I need you to help me To keep from drowning I'm lost in all the noise Will I be found Will I be found Will I be found Will I be found To rise above the noise I need to be persistent I am a descendant Lost in the dissonance Stuck in the present Trying to keep from drowning To keep from drowning


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liljoe6string   commented 11mo+16dy ago

WOW thats beyond beautiful

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JustVera   commented 11mo+16dy ago

Thank you Joey, on behalf of the team;-).

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ShannonB   commented 11mo+16dy ago

Yes, a lovely seeker song! Love it! That voice! More than just lovely, but I don't have the words!

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MikeJM   commented 11mo+16dy ago

Tez is awesome! This is a hit my fellow wordsmith. :) Beautiful vocals as well . . . and cannot forget that signature JustVera songwriting!

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JustVera   commented 11mo+16dy ago


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rafj   commented 11mo+16dy ago



Sumi   commented 11mo+16dy ago

So haunting! Beautiful composition, beautiful lyrics, beautiful voice!

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JenCarie   commented 11mo+14dy ago

BEAUTIFUL!! Easily turned into a Rock ballad too! ;)