Danitheboa / Daniel Gamboa 1yr+5mo ago
I do not know how to work it here. haha, vocals anyone? Send me your ideas. https://soundcloud.com/danitheboa


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liljoe6string   commented 1yr+5mo ago

Hi, easy to get started here.. and as a vocalist, tons of tracks/projects to sing on.. 1. Go to Collaborations above 2. Click just started and go thru and ck out some of the projects that just fired up 3. Find one you like, click it go to dashboard and see if their looking for vocals(most are) 4. Download the project to your computer and load it to your recording DAW and sing your ideas 5. Upload your idea to the project..the owner will tell u if they like it. 6. If they do like it, they will want just your voice..and will ask for a SEP 7. when you up load your SEP make sure you leave like a measure of the track you sang to in the SEP you sang. This is called a sync and the owner will use that to line up with his track..so your vocal will be spot on where you sang it.. Very easy to get started.. and the best place on the net to get with other players..