xd238 / _kennethX - movin' on in d'AtticRedux 2yr+10mo ago
NI KOMPLETE Start Native Instruments has a new completely free library of 16 instruments. https://audioplugin.deals/free-audio-production-plugins/


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tbase2000   commented 2yr+10mo ago

Thank You! I bought into the player/whatever last year. I wanted the Pro Orchestra stuff...long story. Really hard to follow their business model but hopefully there won't be any features that timeout after 15 minutes and throw you into Demo/restart mode. That is just RUDE!

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TheOther   commented 2yr+10mo ago

Yeah. I've always luv'd NI stuff, but the last time I tried a freebie pack I had all kinds of issues and just gave up on it.

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tbase2000   commented 2yr+10mo ago

Im not alone!


xd238   commented 2yr+10mo ago

I don't really know about the timeout issues. That sucks. I have an old version of Komplete 8 that works well enough that I use for a fair amount of stuff. I did spring for Kontakt 6 upgrade version when NI had their annual sale. This is supposed to be TOTALLY FREE . Which means of course at least there are some locked features or more instruments they are trying to get you to buy. Perhaps even that dreaded timeout, which is just... well I've seen it before. Personally I haven't tried it out yet, curious to hear what happens.