SidiousSounds / Ronnie Day 1yr+4mo ago
How Im feeling today trying to get my daw to cooperate with my crazy mind.


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VocalRun   commented 1yr+4mo ago

That's me when I didn't hire my Dallas County usual attorney for my small town Tarrant County ticket. Sheriff called me on the phone and said in a fairly nasty way, 'Who do you think you are? We're coming to get you. You have a warrant on you.' I had trekked all the way across Tarrant county to downtown Ft. Worth after work and between gigs (lots of gigs and not in the same county) to give them my traffic ticket but their girl filed it in the wrong file. Thankfully a good friend was a trial attorney and said, tell them you're filing a grievance with the state legal board or some such and bam! all of a sudden they learned how to spell. Within half an hour of me uttering the magic phrase, they found the ticket they had forgotten to represent. The lawyer paid everything and had the bad stuff removed. haha.

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SidiousSounds   commented 1yr+4mo ago

Sounds worse than my day yelling at my daw. LOL glad you got it figured out.

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stmyatt   commented 1yr+4mo ago