offthewall / James Fraser 5mo+12dy ago
Just a note that may be of interest. If anyone comes across the dreaded Stuck in Transcoding message .... you don't have to wait for the project owner to reset it ... anyone can do it even if you are not involved in the project. Just click the reset button then reload the page and withing a few seconds all will be right.


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sriracha   commented 5mo+12dy ago

I've seen this on files that are several years old...makes you wonder if the proj owner every noticed, lol.

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offthewall   commented 5mo+12dy ago

Me too ... which made me try it and discover that ANYONE can do it! I was surprised.

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PaulM44   commented 5mo+12dy ago

I don?t wonder since I?ve Accepted tracks freshly submitted brought no response, nor even from a follow up PM. It?s not a big deal except now the piece can?t be finalized with that artist. ... Yeah, I saw one stuck that had 23 hours.

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liljoe6string   commented 5mo+12dy ago

yea i discovered that a while back.. waiting to download a spinner.. just hit reset.. however recently i had one go mother of all spinners.. and the reset button was NOT showing up..after about 45mins i just uploaded the same track... and when it was done.. they both were?????????????????????? weird.. so i deleted one of them.